Curl Love Notes

  • 7 Reason you NEED our 🍋Lemongrass + Avocado🥑 Clarifying Shampoo

    Clarifying Shampoos often have a bad reputation. Yet Clarifying is an incredibly important step to properly cleansing your natural tresses. Our Lemongrass + Avocado Clarifying shampoo is full of moisturizing agents such as Avocado Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. All of which provide the extra hydra...
  • Hair Porosity....What's that ?

    Hey Curlfriend,  There is so much talk around hair porosity but if you like myself weren't always aware of your hairs porosity, here are a few indicators to help below. Low Porosity Hair My hair has difficulty absorbing water/product and retaining moisture. My hair dries very slowly. I experience...
  • 6 Curl Defining Methods for a Poppin Wash & Go

    6 Curl Defining Methods for a Poppin’ Wash & Go ! We all love a popping wash & go and we know that curl definition is key! There are many ways to achieve the curl definition that you desire. Let’s get into the top methods: 1.Shingling This technique will provide you with maximum curl definition; you literally separate