Speak LOVE ❤️over your child’s hair.

Kids don’t understand what you “mean”, they simply hear what your say.

Speak love ❤️ over your babies hair, and require everyone in the family to do the same.

Often times we, (as children) hear so many things about our hair, that we don’t quite understand. Having kids with different hair textures AND skin tones… I’ve heard it all. Shut it down 🙅🏾‍♀️every time !

“She don’t have good hair like so and so”

“Where did he get that hair from ?“

“That hair is from ____ side of the family”

You know….those things.

And although as kids, we don’t understand, it didn’t stop some of us from carrying these messages. Unfortunately it may have even taken some a lifetime to break.

Word’s of affirmation and adoration during hair time can make a world of difference. Your child is never to young to start.

“I absolutely LOVE your hair”

“I love how big your hair is”

“I love love love your curls”

“Your hair reaches out to the sun”

“Your hair is beautiful just the way it is”

“God made your hair perfect”

“Your hair is so healthy”

These are just a few hair affirmations that I’ve told my kids over the years.

What did you hear about your hair or your children’s hair growing up ❓

Please share in the comments ❤️

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